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When politicians make it easy for us

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Having your ideas ridiculed is a fairly common occurence when you enter the political arena. This is particularly true if your ideas aren’t a perfect fit with the mainstream. For those of us who advocate market solutions, it’s something that we have to get used to very quickly. For example, mere mention of the idea that competing private operators could have the potential to manage major transport systems in safer, cheaper and more efficient ways than centralised political State planners is one that tends to provoke strong reaction.

Except, that is, on days like today. On days like today, very little effort is required. We can put our feet up and simply refer to the politicians themselves, whose utterings should sow some doubts, even in the minds of the most entrenched statists, about whether centrally planning a transport system is a good idea. Maybe I’m wrong and the system we have now is in fact ideal, and granted that the proposals in question are unlikely to be acted upon, but serious alternatives really ought to be considered in light of the apparent difficulties faced by elected officials in attempting to manage this crucial sector of the economy.


Written by Graham

February 8, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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