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Today’s letters page in the Independent:

The Heartland Institute is a US public policy think-tank, lobby group and once member of the ‘Cooler Heads Coalition’, a now defunct global-warming sceptics organisation.

Moreover, the board of directors for The Heartland Institute includes Thomas Walton, an executive of General Motors Corporation — no conflict there, I see.

So of course they’ll say it’s nature, and not human activity, that contributes to global warming; on the one hand they’re busy trying to sell you a car, while on the other telling you it does no harm to the planet.

This argument also works against research funded by groups which might benefit from acceptance of global warming as a threat. I assume it is possible to biased in favour of either side of this issue. In particular, if the state has an interest in the results of global warming research, then research associated with the state is compromised in exactly the same way.


Written by Graham

July 10, 2008 at 7:47 pm

Posted in environmentalism

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