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Two more articles on the state of the Irish economy.

First up is Paul Krugman’s “Erin Go Broke“. Nothing really surprising; he laments that the Irish government isn’t able to destroy stimulate the economy. Writes Krugman:

But there’s more to it than that: to satisfy nervous lenders, Ireland is being forced to raise taxes and slash government spending in the face of an economic slump — policies that will further deepen the slump.

Next up is John Engle’s “Celtic Kitten: The Failure of Intervention in Ireland“.

Apparently the cure to the social ills brought on by insatiable public spending is simply more public spending. Only now, the money being frivolously dithered away is not from a surplus but borrowing from the future….The government’s only remedy seems to be even further government involvement in the economy. Already it is on the way to nationalizing its major banks and the aforementioned artificial propping up of the housing market.

Good to see an Austrian presence at Trinity College!

I’d also like to remind anyone interested in discussing classical liberal, libertarian and conservative views that our Forumotion message board is the place to do it. All welcome.


Written by 20000miles

April 21, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Posted in economics, Ireland

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