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Irish County Councils little more than tax-consuming worker cooperatives

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Hat-tip to cyberianpan for bringing our attention to the following story in yesterday’s Times. While the gist of the article was unsurprising – public sector employees demanding time off work for spurious reasons – there were some small details which were genuinely shocking, and in particular this one:

Staff at Leitrim county council also won a Labour Court case last month, forcing management to give them time off to attend a non-existent festival.

Management had sought to cancel a traditional half-day to attend a local regatta after it was discontinued due to the worsening economic climate. But Impact argued the annual festival leave had been an entitlement to employees for many years and there were “other festivals” staff could go to.

I can attest to the deeply ingrained culture of laziness, mediocrity and stagnation within these councils. The excellent members of staff who do exist within their ranks are unfortunately no match for institutions where customer service is the lowest priority, and expanding entitlements the highest.

Things wouldn’t be quite so dire if the unions didn’t bring every petty complaint in front of the Labour Court. But it’s inconceivable that behaviour like the above could continue for any length of time if the Councils’ monopolistic, taxpayer-funded privileges were revoked.

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Written by Graham

May 3, 2009 at 9:51 am

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  1. As they have no tax base, they are not accountable to the locals at all. Elections are therefore a joke. The eU tells the Oireachtas what to do, and they reciprocate by doling out funds to localities for their projects. As a result unions, a voluntary association, end up being respected by the national powers. This is never actually in the interest of these workers that there is a lack of relevance as they have no local support base and all politics is ultimately local. They inevitable lose touch with their customers and will look in vain to them, when the cuts come.

    Pat Donnelly

    May 8, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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